Pulseraiser is very proud to announce new outcomes from your well-being activity

10th March 2021

Your bitesize Pulseraiser well-being activity will now make you stronger, even more resilient and more life affirming than ever before! Your yoga, your pilates, your run, cycle or swim now helps support Indigenous education initiatives and refugees in need of vital resources.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation We’re really pleased to welcome The Indigenous Literacy Foundation onto Pulseraiser. The ILF are dedicated to lifting literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities, so all children across Australia have the same choices and opportunities. Now your dedication to your own well-being has double the impact providing engaging and culturally appropriate books to communities that need them.

The United Nations Refugee Agency Australia We're also pleased to announce the addition of The United Nations Refugee Agency Australia onto Pulseraiser. When violence erupts and disaster strikes the team are often first in and last out in a refugee crisis. Now your commitment to your mental and physical health will provide double impact by also supporting the purchase and delivery of face masks to support refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking after your own health and well-being has never been this good.

Share with your employer and let them know you want a well-being program with purpose today.


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Now you can double the impact of your well-being program

1st February 2021

Wellness programs focus a considerable effort to make a difference for your team's well-being - From digital platforms containing challenges resulting in badges and emotive hi-fives, to days off for competition winners.

Today your employees are busier than ever, with a heightened sense of the unknown and little time for themselves, yet they want to contribute to improving the world for current and future generations. This is the often missing piece of the well-being puzzle and team engagement.

Double The Impact!
To engage employees and offer more than just a sense of #purpose well-being programs need to provide real tangible benefits to the society that your organisation and employees can connect with each and every day. By enabling them to see the difference with every well-being interaction, and be part of the journey that makes a difference is what sets apart employee well-being programs today.

"Meditation before my Zoom call? Sure, that’ll be a polio vaccine."
"Run round the block at lunch? Sure that’ll be a face mask for refugees".

Bitesized well-being activity with an outcome provides your employees with purpose and a personal difference bigger than their own actions in these unprecedented times.

With ROI insights on team engagement and the real world benefits of their outcome a talking point for your weekly coms it's a must.

Contact Pulseraiser for more information on doubling the impact of your well-being program.


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January 2020

Employers can now support their employees well-being where every activity logged through Pulseraiser funds numerous outcomes including polio and tuberculosis vaccines, milk sachets, water purification tablets and more.

UNICEF Australia UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working to protect and improve the lives of every child in over 190 countries.

UNICEF is there when children need us most. We bring safe drinking water to people hit by natural disasters or caught up in violent conflict. When food is scarce, we give children micronutrients to prevent malnutrition. We deliver the vaccines to stop the diseases that too often thrive in the aftermath of disasters.

Looking after your employees health and well-being has never been this good.

Contact Pulseraiser for a demo and enable your employees to find the permission and motivation to be active and save lives today.


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It's Permission and Motivation.
Pulseraiser is exercise for a hectic life.